Slovak operators decide on 5G suppliers

Four Slovak mobile operators decide on suppliers for future 5G networks. The only operator who has it clear already is Orange. It announced cooperation with Nokia, reported Slovak Telekom has not taken any decision yet. O2 Slovakia runs a tender to select a supplier. Finally, the fourth MNO 4ka admits being in touch with four suppliers: ZTE, Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson.

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Verizon achieves 4.2 Gbps in a live 5G trial

Verizon reached 4.2 Gbps speed on its 5G network. The US operator conducted a trial in Texas with Samsung, Motorola and Qualcomm. The companies applied carrier aggregation in the 28 GHz spectrum band. As a result, customers will enjoy unprecedented mobile speeds still in 2020.

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Technology and health

Electronic communications get people closer to each other. With the deployment of the next-generation mobile networks communications of people and even machines and things get to yet another level. Still, health concerns may halt technology advancements. Recently, two events prove that: cancellation of top event Mobile World Congress due to coronavirus; and Switzerland putting 5G rollout on halt due to health concerns.

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ComReg has a solution for poor indoor coverage

Energy efficient buildings deteriorate mobile connectivity. On one hand, building materials with good insulation characteristics protect from the cold, on the other hand they do not let mobile signal in or out. Therefore, the Irish regulator ComReg recommends two things to consumers to address poor indoor coverage: repeaters and WiFi calling.

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Poland sends 5G auction into second consultation round

UKE, the Polish regulator, runs the second round of consultation on the auction in 3.5 GHz band. The plan is to award four licences, each for 80 MHz, valid until the end of June 2035. Stakeholders can comment on the draft auction conditions until 27 February 2020.

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Orange Polska tests 5G until end of February

Orange Polska will go on with its 5G tests in Lublin and Warsaw. As readers might recall, in 2019, the operator conducted 5G tests with the broadest range in the country. Thanks to the extension of the testing licence by UKE, the telecom regulator, Orange will test 5G until 29 February.

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