Martes Logis

Logis was created in 1997 as an information system providing support for logistics and postal processes. Its development was carried out in line with the long-term trend of modernising and professionalising Slovenská pošta (Slovak Postal Service). 

Logis provides the following functionality:

  • complex support for processing shipments during transportation in logistics
  • support for processing shipments in international postal delivery during for in/outgoing consignments to and from abroad, including documents for the Department of International Account Settlement
  • complex support for parcel and express delivery services, including all related accounting documents
  • sending postal consignments on behalf of large business clients at bulk-mail postal offices
  • arranging for delivery of returned mail for large business clients
  • activities performed at customs post offices in Bratislava and Košice
  • circulation of cash bags between postal offices and centres for processing payment documents
  • back-office activities, such as connection to the GXS international network for exchanging Track &Trace information, integration with the Worktrace system, connection with UPS, documents for Web
  • webpage in the Track & Trace section, e-mail and text-message notifications for customers, communication with the Electronic Registry (EKP)


1995: Supplying digital letter and postal scales for Slovenská pošta.

1997: Need for connecting digital scales with the information systems of Slovenská pošta – creating the LOGIS system.

2000: Developing functionality for localising and tracking mail (Track and Trace). Connection with the international Track and Trace system, tracking Slovak mail abroad, and vice-versa.

2004: Following interconnection with the Track and Trace system, a requirement was made for using this functionality for precision tracking of domestic mail, from posting to delivery. Mail started to be processed electronically, while manual sorting was replaced by scanners and bar codes.

2005: Added functionality for processing international mail, declaring at the customs office.

2007: Electronic processing of documents accompanying registered mail (bags, briefcases, flags, etc.) Providing statistics for individual types of mail; statistics according to season, trend, volume and category profit margin.

2008: Support for the so-called express (courier) services – posting and delivering mail directly at client’s location, invoicing directly at client’s location.

2011: Start of developing the Electronic Mail Dispatch Form, which replaces its paper version and manual processing of mail. Using electronic signature for posting individual as well as bulk mail.