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Martes Specure International is a global technological company, formed by the merger of Martes (founded in 1995) and Specure (founded in 2014). Currently, the company has offices in Vienna, Austria and Zilina, Slovakia.

In central Europe, Martes Specure International focuses on

  • services related to frequency spectrum auctions
  • high-speed internet monitoring solutions

In Slovakia the company primarily develops, implements and provides software solutions for logistics and telecommunication service providers.

The key product of Martes Specure International in the open source platform for internet quality measurement, Specure NetTest.  

Martes Specure International is a partner of numerous national telecommunication and regulatory institutions, service providers, technological companies and academic institutions. It currently participates in a global EU project, Connecting Europe Facility. The goal of the project is the transparent and objective mapping of the internet connectivity in Europe. 


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