Open Nettest


Open Nettest is a platform for measurement of the Internet connection.

It places a strong focus on quality and reliability. Besides usual indicators like upload and download speed, Open Nettest performs many unique measurements aimed to assess the quality of the connection and net neutrality.

With wide support of devices and deployment scenarios, Open Nettest is a holistic measurement platform for many regulatory needs.

Mobile Apps

Open Nettest provides native applications for both iOS and Android. They are readily available from the respective app store on your smartphone or tablet.

Price: Free+

Open Nettest is also available from a web browser. The HTML5 web version supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera and it is independent of the device. There are no prerequisites, such as Java or Flash plugin to be installed.

You can start a test now, explore the heat map based on other users’ measurements, view statistics or search for measurement data that meet certain criteria.

Open Data

All measurements are available as Open Data in a universal format. the data is downloadable on monthly basis.

Open Nettest Probes

Nettest Probes enable regular, non-biased, end-to-end measurement of the network quality. The methodology and the metrics measured are compatible with our established mobile and desktop apps.

Low set up cost and an attractive monthly pricing make Nettest Probes a viable option to any scenario: from ISPs looking for better understanding of their network from the end user perspective, through researcher institutions and researchers who are able to benefit from the open data, to the regulators whos job is to monitor the market and resolve customer complaints and other inqires.

Turris router as an Open Nettest probe

Nettest Probes are a part of the Open Nettest platform.

Open Nettest Widget

Implement Nettest Widget on your own website for free. The free subscription provides a universal speed measurement widget working with a global Specure measurement server network.

Get the premium version if you require specific branding and other customisation, and if you want to utilise your own measurement servers.

Nettest Widget is a part of the Open Nettest platform.

Open Nettest Deep Data

Get the understanding of ISPs’ and mobile network operators’ performance in different regions and countries. Nettest Deep Data provides a comprehensive database of crowdsourced measurements of internet speed and quality for both fixed-line and mobile measurements.

Due to the cooperation with many European national telecom market regulators, the main focus of our tool has been on European countries, but high-quality data is available for all reqions around the world.

Nettest Deep Data is a part of the Open Nettest  platform.

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