Spectrum Auctions Software and Services

Specure Auctions

The Electronic Auction Platform

We provide the auction platform for executing your e-auction.
Our software supports both the SMRA and CCA types of auctions, as well as their variations.

  • highly flexible setup and configuration
  • incomparably fast in real-time processing of complex algorithms
  • The CCA winner determination algorithm tested and certified by Smith Institute

Specure Auctions provides pre-configured templates for popular auction formats, including SMRA and CCA. It has been successfully used in numerous spectrum auctions across Europe since 2008.

The platform consists of hardware, software and a secure public-key infrastructure.

All data is encrypted during transmission and the authenticity of the parties is verified using electronic certificates.

The integrated simulation tool can be used to evaluate different bidding strategies, compare various scenarios or validate the auction results.

Key advantages

User friendly interface

  1. Pre-configured templates
  2. Real time notifications and support
  3. One-way messaging from the auctioneer to the bidders
  4. Full audit trail of the process


  • X.509 certificates
  • 4096-bit RSA keys
  • AES 256 encryption

High availability and redundancy

  • Physically distributed cluster solution
  • Tested against DoS attacks
  • Replication to a stand-by server
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Spectrum Auction Service

We work with highly specialized consultancies to provide seamless consultancy and execution related to spectrum auction.

Auctiometrix is a global advisor on the design and implementation of high-stake auctions and on the optimal bid strategy.

Coleago is one of the leading advisers on spectrum valuation and auction bidding strategy.

Together with our partners we cover the entire life-cycle of a frequency spectrum auction:

  • Spectrum valuation
  • Auction design
  • Information memorandum and Public consultation
  • Spectrum auction training and mock auctions
  • Spectrum Auction Execution
  • Service Desk with guaranteed Service Levels
  • Secure archiving of the full audit trail and the auction results for an agreed time period
  • Postmortem report
  • Litigation support

Additional resources

For additional information, please check the following presentations on Slideshare: