How to check the internet connection with Open Nettest

If you have concerns or complaints about the speed of your Internet service, Open Nettest will allow you to test your connection and download a copy of the results. We recommend to run the test and save the results at least 5 times within 5 days before making any conclusions about your internet service quality. Follow the instructions below to conduct a test and submit your results:

Before the test

We strongly recommend taking the following steps before running a test, to ensure the results are accurate:

  1. Connect your computer directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable (do not use WiFi or an external router).
  2. Close all applications running on your computer except for your Internet browser.
  3. Disconnect / power off all other devices that may be connected to your Internet (including devices connected via WiFi), including:
    • IP tv
    • Security cameras
    • Smartphones

Running the test

Open your Internet browser and go to the Open Nettest website at:

Click on ‘Start Your Test Now!’

Start yout test now!

The test will begin. This may take a few minutes: do not close or refresh your browser until the test is complete.

Review your results, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Export PDF’ button on the far right.

Depending on the settings of your browser, the pdf file will be automatically saved to the download folder; or you will be asked to select the folder where you would like to save the pdf.

If you want to reset the test and run it again, open the side menu by clicking the button in the top left corner of the screen, then click ‘Run Test’.

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